The Background

With increasing patient needs, aging populations, pressure from NHS budgets, and a shortage of key skills, it is clear that the role of primary care is changing. Research organisations, such as The King’s Fund, have already run a statistical analysis of the NHS concluding that there will be a potential shortfall of 250,000 to 350,000 full time health care staff required to meet healthcare needs by 2030. This is exacerbated by spiralling locum costs, increasing administration and management needs. Excess tasks, including advertising for clinicians, compliance checking, advertising, onboarding and sickness absence, all compound the issues general practices face. At the same time, 76% of healthcare leaders are in agreement that adopting new technology has had a positive impact on their workforce, as well as improving patient outcomes.

Why Choose Us?

Click doctor was born out of the need to provide a sustainable virtual arm to general practice. Click Doctor’s aim is to integrate seamlessly into the practice by providing a clinical resource back up in times of need, which in this day and age, is an unfortunately common necessity.

  • Innovative service portal providing GP practices with access to skilled and experienced GPs and ANPs
  • Flexible pay-as-you-go service, with no complex or long term contracts
  • Perfect for supporting clinical holidays, sickness and maternity cover
  • No physical space is required on site at the practice, as we offer a fully remote service
  • The practice works directly with the clinician, ensuring continuity and compliance
  • Both short and long term cover is available
  • Back office support and customer care line
  • Flexible shift availability
  • Perfect for same day access and on-the-day consultation and triage
  • Pre-agreed structured sessions
  • Clinical administration support with e-consults, tasks, filing normal bloods, telephone appointments and telephone triage
  • Set sessional fees
  • Fixed term support, with employment pre-checks taken care of, allowing the practice to concentrate on their core business

What Are The Benefits?

  • Reduced waiting times
  • Increased appointment availability
  • Reduced impact on the general practice reception via reduced incoming calls and reduced footfall
  • Reduced management time and resource spent advertising, recruiting and compliance checking
  • Reduced clinical management time undertaking tasks and e-consults
  • Clinicians work directly for the practice ensuring continuity for both patient and practice
  • Provides partners and clinical teams with peace of mind and additional support
  • No payroll administration
  • No sick pay, pension or long-term sickness challenges
  • Analyse performance and productivity with monthly statistics supporting clinical audit
  • Highlight quality improvement initiatives
  • Aligns with digital transformation strategy

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